Where Could MSTM Solutions Products Improve YOUR Lab?

If it can be ionized, it can be ionized by MSTM Products!

Heck- Even if it can’t be ionized, why not try anyways?

MSTM products can add efficiency to any lab that uses mass spectrometry. Even compounds that cannot be ionized conventionally with electrospray ionization or MALDI can sometimes be analyzed using the novel and state-of-the-art techniques such as MAI or SAI which are built into many MSTM products.

If your lab runs hundreds, or perhaps thousands of samples at once, consider looking at our Ionique multi-ionization, fully automated platform that fits easily on ThermoFisher or Waters mass spectrometers.

If you have a small lab and you’re looking for novel ionization methods, perhaps you could consider an economic Manual Multifunctional Platform!

Where quality matters, trust MSTM Solutions!

Many quality control or government laboratories are required to frequently test foods, both fresh and processed, to make sure that they meet the strict quality standards. Checking these so many times a day can be a daunting task: so why not take advantage of our products to make your life easier?

Our Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe is perfect for use in foods. Volatile components such as pesticides can often be detected simply by rubbing a tiny glass tube across the surface of the fruit, and putting it in the state-of-the-art source.

For high-volume testing, allow Ionique to handle all of your samples overnight. Simply tell it where on your plate your sample is, which ionization method to use, and let it do the rest.

Traditional Ionization Sources: a Bitter Pill to Swallow.

Wouldn’t you much rather take your pharmaceutical lab to the next level with MSTM’s multi-ionization sources?

Drug discovery has never been easier! Novel methods such as matrix-assisted ionization assure that your precious molecules get ionized as softly as possible. Consider looking at the MSTM Ionique for high-volume high-production laboratories, or the simple Manual Multifunctional Platform for small ones.

With ionization being this easy, you’ll never be sick of analytical work again!

It’s too bad MALDI doesn’t produce multiple-charged ions…

But matrix-assisted ionization does! And you don’t even need a laser! Take a nice quick look at your enormous molecules using novel, soft ionization processes found on the Ionique or the Manual Multifunctional Platform. 

Need to analyze synthetic fibers? Try the Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe. A quick and easy swipe of the glass tube across the fibers can usually allow for rapid detection in your mass spec- and you don’t even have to change the source to use ESI again.

Met… Asp… Gly… Gly… Phe…MSTM!!!

The mass spectrometry of huge polymers can be a daunting task. Our products make ionization easy, so you can concentrate more on the interpretation of the data.

Novel ionization methods available on the Manual Multifunctional Platform or the fully-automated Ionique can ionize massive proteins while leaving behind multiple charges on them, allowing you to use ion trap instruments or triple quadrupoles, which often have a range well below the mass of a typical protein.

Mass Spectrometers Save Lives.

Airports. Forensic labs. Border crossings. When you need a fast and trustworthy analysis, MSTM has you covered.

Volatile explosives are no match for the Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe. Its quick analysis and ease of use would make it ideal for airports and other places where you simply can’t afford to lose any time prepping a sample.

Platforms such as the Ionique can be programmed to test hundreds of samples overnight, saving valuable time and allowing you to bring justice to those who need it.

For instant and rapid identification of any substance, consider looking into the Manual Multifunctional Platform.

MSTM raises the bar for ionization… ‘higher’ than it’s ever been.

With the rapidly growing interest for new technology in the testing of medical and recreational marijuana, MSTM has an excellent solution.

The Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe is a quick and easy way to analyze all of the volatile components in cannabis. From pesticides to cannibinoids, ASAP shows you what you must see.

Trust MSTM Solutions for your cannibis analysis needs.