Charles 'Chuck' McEwen

“Hi, my name is Charles ‘Chuck’ McEwen and I am the president and co-founder of MSTM, as well as the Houghton Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA. I have 35 years of industrial experience working in the DuPont Central Research Department as a manager and research fellow. I’m the co-founder of MSTM Solutions, LLC, as well as M&M Mass Spec Consulting, LLC, and the inventor of the Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP) method used extensively in mass spectrometry. I have a number of patents, I’ve edited and co-authored books and chapters of books, and have over 100 peer-reviewed publications. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Virginia under the direction of Donald Hunt, an MS degree from Atlanta University, and a BS degree from the College of William and Mary.”

Fun fact: Dr. McEwen also enjoys spending time outdoors, especially if it is anywhere on or near water!

“Hello, I’m Sarah Trimpin and I’m the CEO and co-founder of MSTM. I am a professor of chemistry at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, and I’m a recipient of an NSF CAREER award, the American Society of Mass Spectrometry Young Investigator Award and the Biemann Medal, the Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award, the DuPont Young Professor Award, the Eli Lilly Young Investigator in Analytical Chemistry award, and the Wayne State University Schaap Faculty Scholar Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research. I have over 80 publications as well as several patents. I received my Doktor der Naturwissenschaften (Doctor of Science) from the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, and my Diplom Chemie and Baccalaureate from Universität Konstanz.”

Fun fact: In the 90s, Dr. Trimpin hitchhiked her way across North America, including Alaska, and back!

Sarah Trimpin
Milan Pophristic

“I’m Milan Pophristic and I am the CTO of MSTM. I am a physical chemist with 15 years of industrial experience, driving new product development and leading collaborative academic and industrial teams. I served as PI on SBIR, STTR, and ATP/NIST grants tolling over 2 million dollars and resulting in the prototype product and acquisition of Velox Semiconductor, Inc. by Power Integration, Inc. I received my B.S. in physical biochemistry from the University of Belgrade, and a Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry/Materials Science from Rutgers University. I also hold an MBA degree in marketing and management from Rutgers.”

Fun fact: Dr. Pophristic is very innovative and works closely with machinists to develop prototypes.

Left to Right

Dr. Sarah Trimpin: CEO

Dr. Ellen Inutan: CFO

Dr. Khoa Hoang: Research Scientist

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We are MS™ Solutions, LLC!

We are MS™ Solutions, LLC! Left to Right: Dr. Chuck McEwen, Dr. Darrell Marshall, Dr. Milan Pophristic, and Dr. Sarah Trimpin