Unlock new ionization options with the Ionique Manual Multifunctional Platform!

The Ionique Manual Platform replaces the commercial ion source in seconds so that switching between the manual platform and the commercial source is fast and easy.  The Ionique Manual Platform has capabilities of electrospray ionization (ESI), nano-electrospray (nESI) (optional), matrix-assisted ionization (MAI), solvent assisted ionization (SAI), and voltage-applied solvent assisted ionization (vSAI).  Switching between ionization methods is also fast and simple. ESI, nESI, SAI and vSAI interface with an infusion pump or an LC with optimum flow rates between 4 – 60 microliters/minute.  MAI offers sensitivity comparable to nESI but faster, easier, and more robust.  The Ionique Manual Platform is a valuable and low-cost addition to any laboratory with interest in obtaining the most comprehensive analyses possible, or simply needing improved sensitivity.


Easy to use and highly versatile!


With so many different uses, the Ionique Manual Multifunctional Platform is an excellent addition to any laboratory to take your analyses further than ever before!

Easy to install!


Effortlessly switch between the Ionique Manual Platform and the OEM ion source on your mass spectrometer in seconds using our versatile adapters which fit on most Waters Corporation or Thermo Fisher Scientific mass spectrometers.

Multiple Ionization Methods that won’t Break the Bank!

The Ionique Manual Platform is the perfect and most economical way to introduce ESI, nESI, MAI, SAI, and vSAI to your laboratory, allowing excellent results even for labs on a budget.

Commercial Coming Soon! To see the Ionique Manual Platform in action, refer to the "See the Magic" video near the top of the page.