Analysis of Volatile Chemicals ASAP!

Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP®)

ASAP-MS is a popular low-cost manual ionization method used worldwide in hundreds of laboratories. Vaporizable compounds are ionized with ease and simplicity.  The approach is frequently used for direct analysis of biological and polymeric materials as well as synthesis products.  An advantage of the ASAP method is that a simple modification of most commercial ionization sources allows the ASAP method to always be available while not interfering with normal use.  The ASAP method requires high voltage used with ESI or APCI, a discharge needle, and a stream of heated gas (usually nitrogen) supplied with APCI and many ESI sources to vaporize the sample.  Numerous publications extol the virtues of the ASAP method. For a list of interesting ASAP publications visit the homepage below:

Always ready to use!

Our ASAP is a source modification that doesn’t interfere with your use of APCI or ESI methods. Simply stop the flow from your syringe pump or LC, turn off the capillary voltage and you are ready to run ASAP!

The ASAP source is quick and easy to install or remove, so it can quickly be swapped with an Ionique platform.

Fast analysis of solids, liquids, solutions and materials!

Stop waiting and get results ASAP! The Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe offers a nearly instant analysis of almost anything volatile. Simply cover a glass tube with your substance and load it into the probe!

Lowest cost direct ionization method- and the most sensitive!

Add efficiency and simplicity to your lab at a low cost! Perfect for labs big or small.