MSTM is the ionization innovation company. Our mission is focused on bringing advanced ionization capabilities at lower (1) initial cost, (2) cost per analysis, and (3) operator expertise. MSTM’s goal is to democratize powerful highly sensitive and robust vacuum ionization technologies for mass spectrometry by providing exceptional value, new ionization capabilities, and ease of use. Our products provide multi-ionization capabilities in manual and automated Ionique platforms. Currently available are Ionique platforms operated on Waters, Thermo, and Agilent mass spectrometers with capabilities of ESI, nESI, SAI, MAI, and vSAI. In development is a vacuum Ionique MAI/MALDI combination source with ultra-fast sample introduction to vacuum and analysis speeds less than 1 sec/sample also acquired on API mass spectrometers.  Matrix-assisted ionization (MAI), solvent-assisted ionization (SAI), vacuum SAI are patented technologies, and ultra-fast vacuum MAI and MALDI are patent pending technologies.

ASMS 2020 Oral Presentation Dr. Sarah Trimpin, CEO of MSTM

High-throughput  Multimode Ionization Source